Lily Digital Marketing Services

Lily Digital Marketing services help your business operate in an ever-changing world. We can show you how to reach your customers in a different way. If you’re wondering which marketing options are right for your company, get in touch for a free consultation.


Basic or high-tech…..yes you need one.

Custom Website Design by Lily Digital Christchurch


Use Facebook to quickly communicate your message to a huge audience.


Your website optimised for page 1 google ranking.

SEO services by Lily Digital Christchurch


Too busy running your business for social media? Let us take care of it.


Reach new customers with paid google and facebook advertising.

Create a targeted Google Ads Campaign Lily Digital


Keep your customers engaged with regular news and offers.

Facebook pages by Lily Digital
Instagram posts by Lily Digital
Mailout service by Lily Digital Christchurch

Website Design, PPC & Digital Marketing Services

Lily Digital is a one-stop agency offering all your digital marketing services. Our Project Management service will plan and prepare your next project, then execute your design and development brief to give you a website that’s a custom fit for your purpose.

Finally our marketing experts ensure that once your website is launched your customers can find you and get in touch.

Click on the images for more information about our range of design, development and marketing services. You will see clean design gives a perfectly finished mobile-responsive website and development allows you to add bespoke functionality to your website. The process is complete when our digital marketing services get your website found and in front of the right people.

Don’t hesitate to ask about specialist services such as WordPress and eCommerce services which are sectors we’re happy to advise on.

PPC Services

Google Ads, and Facebook and Instagram advertising is a quick way to get your message seen across the web and drive highly targeted traffic to your website – Paying only when users click on your ad.

PPC helps keep your budget under control and holds every pound spent accountable.

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